Hurricane Harvey Ravages Southeast Texas


As a Category 4 hurricane when it struck land at Rockport, Texas, Hurricane Harvey is the most powerful hurricane to hit Texas is over 50 years. It hit not just once on Friday, August 25, but a second time at the Texas-Louisiana border, and a third time about 25 miles west of Lake Charles, Louisiana, causing catastrophic flooding in the middle and upper coastal areas. These areas saw their normal annual amount of rain within a few days, some areas receiving over 50 inches.

Like so many people tracking the storm, we were nervous, scared, and heartbroken to watch what was occurring and feeling helpless to our friends, family, and fellow Texans who were stuck in the middle of the storm and flooding. We decided the best way we could help was to raise money to donate to the Houston arm of the American Red Cross.

If you are unsure of who to donate to, here are some organizations that are working directly affected by Harvey:

Red Cross, Gulf Coast:
United Way Houston:
Boys & Girls Club Greater Houston:
Houston Humane Society:…/desi…/hurricane-harvey-fund


  T.H.E. P.U.L.S.E.


At Galactic, company culture has long been an important focus of leadership. A group of team members from across the company was formed to keep our culture focused and strong. The committee is known as The Culture Club, and they rolled out a refresh to the corporate culture’s branding called T.H.E. P.U.L.S.E. Team members are Galactic’s heartbeat, its pulse. The motto “Strong Heart. Steady Pulse. Can’t Lose.” keeps us together.

Team Members

Honest Hospitality






Embrace Diversity


  Galactic Launches New Loyalty Platform Using CHIIPs®


Galactic is proud to announce its new product offering, a points program called CHIIPs®, or CHoice Individual Incentive Points. Through this program, employees or customers are rewarded for their engagement and participation with points that they can use to buy merchandise out of a catalog with 1.4 million items or book a trip. Participants are able to create wish lists and compete on leaderboards during the promotion period while staying engaged and motivated.


This program increases loyalty due to the fact that cash incentives are easily spent and forgotten about, while this points program is able to connect to participants on an emotional level and enhance their lifestyle. Your participants choose how they are motivated. They will always remember the weekend get-a-way to New York or the new iPad they use every day. 


  Galactic Celebrates in Tenerife


Every few years, we have the opportunity to explore an exciting new destination with a few of our most valued partners and friends on Galactic’s Saturnites Trip. Our time in Tenerife was absolutely spectacular and one of the most amazing Saturnites yet.


One of our most memorable experiences was on the final evening, when night drew upon us and the sun’s rays danced among the clouds. When we had the pleasure of witnessing, while standing atop the Mount Teide Volcano, the most breathtakingly beautiful sunset in the world. As the full moon rose and the stars aligned, we were in awe of the raw romance and magnificence of the island. And to cap off the evening, the exclusive and dazzling light display with our names and logos illuminating across the volcanic rock while fireworks sparkled above the summit.


As blessed as we are to experience such a wonder that is Tenerife, the real pleasure was spending time with our partners and friends, nurturing and cementing lifelong and enriching relationships.


  Galactic Sponsoring #HelloWorld Sweepstakes


Galactic Performance solutions is excited to announce our #HelloWorld Sweepstakes. We are sponsoring a trip for two to one of the most inviting places in the world - Hawaii! Hawaii is the perfect place to escape the everyday norm and just live in the moment; enjoying magnificent views, beautiful blue waters and exquisite cuisine.

Throughout the Sweepstakes period, a Drone, GoPro and Canon Camera will be awarded as prizes and one lucky person will win the grand prize trip to Hawaii.

For your chance to win, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and then complete the entry form at

Good luck!

Sweepstakes Period: Entries will be accepted online starting on August 27, 2015 and ending October 26, 2015. All online entries must be received by October 26, 2015 at 11:59PM CST.


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