The Galactic Story

What happens on a golf course sometimes doesn’t stay on a golf course. Galactic's story began in 1992, as founder Dan Mohorc was hitting the links with a dear friend. Within a month, Dan landed the company’s first sale and the celebrating began. Dan started to bang on the table, and walls – nearly anything within his reach. Dan’s excitement was so contagious, it didn’t take long for the other three employees to join in, giving birth to Galactic’s first “Drum Roll.” The following year, Galactic was officially incorporated with the four employees working out of a humble home office in South Arlington, Texas.

Our Very Own Field of Dreams

It wasn’t too long after that, Dan realized his beloved company needed an official home. The first building was purchased and is still home to Galactic Performance Solutions today. It was not long that our neighbors, the Texas Rangers, moved in next door. With the introduction of the first scratch card program, the company began to grow and expand. And, how did we celebrate our success? With America’s favorite pastime, of course! The Annual Galactic Family Baseball Picnic was born with an opportunity to dunk our “favorite” executive and is something we look forward to every year.

It Takes Two

With Galactic’s rapid growth, the need for good people became obvious and a hiring frenzy began. Fortunately for us, that’s when Dan met Gary Cornwell. Gary first joined our company as a contractor. As with all contractors, time is limited and Gary knew he would be leaving soon, but Dan had something else in mind. It did take some convincing, but Gary agreed to extend his relationship with Galactic, and shortly thereafter became a full-time employee, leading the IT Department. And just like that, not only a friendship but a true partnership began between Dan and Gary.

We'll Never Forget

September 11, 2001 was a great tragedy that affected the world. Galactic was no different. Once Dan knew his traveling employees were safe and accounted for, he started thinking of options to help Galactic adapt to the world’s new reality. Realizing the impact the attacks would have on the travel industry, he began brainstorming with the Executive Team and thus, Galactic’s loyalty-merchandise program was born. Since then, we have maintained our focus on this powerful alternative to group travel providing all of our customers with every avenue to achieve their company’s goals and objectives.

Preparing For The Future

If Dan was anything, he was a visionary. His dream of Galactic was the company and people would continue to grow, shining as a beacon of all he began and worked hard to build. Dan knew in order to make that happen long-term, he needed to begin the process for the next evolution of Galactic’s leadership. Dan promoted Gary Cornwell to Chief Operating Officer and partner, ensuring Galactic’s future leadership would continue the values that are the foundation of the company he loved so much.

Expanding Our Footprint

Over the next several years, Gary, with Dan’s support, focused on new strategies, business alliances, and tactics that strengthened Galactic’s already concrete foundation. As the company grew and diversified, Dan and Gary solidified their common vision for the future of Galactic.

His Spirit Lives On

Unfortunately, Dan unexpectedly passed away on July 23, 2016. Husband, father, son, brother, friend, visionary, boss, mentor, teacher. These are just some of the words that describe Dan. After his passing, we realized just how well Dan taught us not only about our job, but ourselves. Dan’s foresight, attention to detail, and insistence on perfection prepared us to carry his torch boldly and high into the future he wanted for all of us. We feel his spirit in the walls and in the hallways of these buildings every day. Thank you, Dan, for everything. Until we meet again.

Moving Forward

As a result of Dan’s foresight, his partner and friend, Gary Cornwell, carries the torch into Galactic’s future. Today, Galactic continues to focus on what matters most: People. Experience. Success.

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