Why Corporate Travel Management is Vital

In 2020, managing travel is vital for every type of company, from small family owned business to fortune-50 corporations. If you have employees who travel, you need to be utilizing instant and precise, cost saving travel data services.

A well-managed travel program can save companies 15% to 20% on employee travel. When you have other tasks that are already consuming your time, learning and mastering a complex logistics system is something you should leave to the experts and we are here to keep you on-task and worry-free.

A managed travel program balances the needs of the individual traveler with the goals of the company. It governs how employees purchase travel so that they enjoy a level of comfort and convenience while the company controls costs and meets their duty of care obligations.

Using a Travel Management Company (TMC) such as Galactic is a key building block of a managed travel program. A dedicated relationship with a professional partner helps an organization control their travel costs and identify areas ripe for negotiated rates, as well as provide travelers with booking autonomy and assistance during travel disruptions.

Why Galactic?

Traveler's Perspective

  • Boutique service from Travel Consultants – GALACTIC Travel Consultants are not timed or pressured to rush your travelers and arrangers
  • 79% of travelers prefer to book their travel on their smartphone – Galactic will provide an online booking channel available in App format.
  • Peace of mind with 24/7 emergency after hours service.
  • Streamline bookings - 44% of surveyed business travelers say they spend up to an hour or more booking a trip with an average time reading reviews on hotel and lodging solutions taking 20 minutes.

Cost Savings

  • Access to GALACTIC’s wholesale fares that could save hundreds to thousands of dollars on Business Class tickets, may be especially effective for Quarterly India trips.
  • Repricing of tickets within a 24-hour ticket voiding window. GALACTIC will watch to see if a lower fare becomes available after ticketing for both Agent and Online bookings.
  • On average 10% of a company’s airline tickets are unused or exchanged. The average cost to a company is 3-7% of travel spend. Galactic will provide a monthly report of remaining tickets and assist with usage of these.

Duty of Care

  • A top reason companies require their travelers to book with the Corporate Travel Management company.
  • Galactic provides a proactive traveler tracking system that can track travelers’ location, send emergency alerts, notify travelers of cancellations, delays and more.

Advanced Insights

  • Account Managers will help analyze travel and expense patterns for best program practices.
  • Consistent Policy Improvement – Locate areas of weakness in your policy and implement improvements, while weighing the traveler satisfaction.
  • Assistance accessing and negotiating with air, car and hotel suppliers for preferred agreements.
  • Update your company with the latest in travel news for best practice employment

See how GALACTIC PERFORMANCE SOLUTIONS can save you money on your bottom line with superior corporate travel management.


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Does Your Program Need to Hit the Gym?

What Do You Need to Kick It Into High Gear?

As the new year and new decade rolls in, many people are starting to take an individual look at themselves to see what areas need improvement in their lives. The new year's resolution trend can also be applied to a company! Many businesses can and should take a look at specific places that need improvement.

One common area that many companies consistently look to enhance is how to improve sales and overall employee satisfaction.

Setting tangible goals is one of the best ways to achieve long-term plans to better yourself individually at the gym and professionally in the workplace, and the right Incentive program is the key to success in attaining your corporate goals.


We Are the "Trainers" For Your Program


We all need a little shape-up every once in a while, and one of the best ways to get your company in shape is by hiring Galactic as your "personal trainer" to help you reach your goals!

In the gym, a personal trainer is there for you every step of the way from day one. They want you to hit your goals and performance metrics just as much as you do, because it's their passion! And that's exactly how we at Galactic serve our customers.

With us as your "personal trainers," we are there for you by providing services that can't be matched internally. We work full-time to help create your corporate "work-out routine" that will motivate, improve performance and achieve success for your business.


The GALACTIC Advantage

See that guy up there? That'll be you when working with Galactic, knowing that your customers and employees are motivated and your ROI is positively enriching your company!

Galactic has 4 new innovative advantages for the new decade that can enhance your current and future programs!


Galactic's Loyalty and Overall Wholesale Solutions (GLOWS) assists executives in making key decisions regarding allocating efforts, maximizing potential, engaging their sales force, efficiently coordinating deliveries, targeting specific areas, and more.

GPS Events HQ

Our proprietary mobile app engages your participant and keeps you at their fingertips. Every aspect of the app is customized for your program, so no two app designs are the same! The GPS Events HQ is your home to engaging your customers before, during and after your trip. It is the home to quick customer service chat and engaging with other participants.


As Galactic's complete reporting solution, our staff has immediate access to all information needed to make sure participants are taken care of and their needs are met whether it's during the registration process or on-site. The Reporting And Information Network gives clients a plethora of reporting tools, including flight manifests, hotel rooming lists, activity confirmations, passenger reports, mailing and email lists, and more!

Corporate Travel Management

Galactic's corporate travel management balances the needs of the individual traveler with the goals of your company. We give you the tools needed to track everything from expenditures down to flights and travel disruptions. The goal is to increase employee compliance with programs that mirrors existing travel policies while reducing travel costs.


See how GALACTIC PERFORMANCE SOLUTIONS can help achieve your business objectives.


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ROE: Return On Experience

The Engagement Journey

The ROE (Return on Experience) is the concept of investing your time and effort into giving someone the best experience possible, in hopes of a positive return. Contrary to the performance measurement ROI, the Return On Experience model moves away from the numbers aspect and directly involves creatively engaging your participants with the highest quality experience.

  • The ROE starts from the moment contact is initiated.

From start to finish, their valuation of the experience is based on everything leading up to, during and after their event has concluded. Here are some examples of ROE that truly add value to the participant:


  • Multiple media touch-points across emails, websites and physical mailers that keep the participant engaged and excited.
  • Personalized marketing material including, but not limited to, custom gifts, collateral and digital.
  • Easily accessible customer service representatives to be a resource for up-to-date information about the promotion.


  • Exclusive on-site events curated just for the travelers.
  • Individual recognition allowing the top performers to be acknowledged for their excellence.
  • On-site Trip Directors that keep things running smoothly and the point of contact for questions and answers about the program.
  • Signage and collateral throughout the program to inform and excite your participants, while highlighting your brand.
  • Private transfers to and from the airport, resort and activities/events.
  • Fun Amenities and activities that anyone can enjoy.


  • Feedback questionnaires including surveys, polling and reviews of their time on the trip or experience.
  • Memories board that serves as a social space for participants to share and interact with media from the trip.
  • Post-program videos commemorating the trip and to serve as a memory for the travelers.


ROE: Galactic's Promise and Inspiration

  • "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou

These are the words that Galactic Performance Solutions lives by. We strive to give our clients the best and beyond the ordinary. The Return On Experience model culminates Galactic's 26 years of Meetings & Incentives expertise that continue to improve upon this model every single day.

Whether it is working with the airline to accommodate your specific needs or granting special access to an area in the destination that normal travelers couldn't experience, we will make it happen. ROE is all about adding value towards our customers to motivate, recognize and incentivize your company in hopes to use these value-adding moral boosters to increase productivity and efficiency across the board.

Call or email us to see how Galactic Performance Solutions can Increase your ROE.


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Having a Marketing Strategy Can Increase Brand Awareness. Here's Why: 

Experiences Are Everything

One of the best ways to not only gain a new customer, but keep them as well, is to invoke an experience that encourages them to engage with your company or product. By utilizing Brand Activation, you can drive consumer action by bringing your brand to life in the form of an experience that creates an emotional connection. In other words, your products or services will take on a new form and become something bigger and better to the user.

Brand Activation marketing campaigns take many shapes and forms. Some of the more common brand activation strategies include:

Photo Credit: Critical Popcorn

Brand Activation Example: IKEA's Private Dining Club

IKEA has always tried to push the limits of what a furniture can be, but back in 2016, the Scandinavian home décor retailer opened a pop-up restaurant where diners were able to build and cook their own meals using IKEA's provided kitchen. According to IKEA, "When we cook together, we make more than just food." The idea here was that the people could serve as the chef, preparing food for their group of friends and family in a public restaurant setting.


The brand decided to use this experiential marketing campaign to allow an emotional attachment between their products and their customers. This really pushes the idea that anyone can be a chef and can prepare a meal just as good as the top restaurants with IKEA brand products. Besides this DIY pop-up restaurant, the Dining Club featured an IKEA café serving Swedish delicacies, ‘Food for thought’ workshops, a kitchen showcase area including a virtual reality kitchen and a unique shop.

The pop-up installation proved to be a success during the 2-week long campaign that consisted of 38 sessions. Because of the hype involving such a unique and interactive experience, potential chefs had to be selected via application to which you could invite 7 to 19 friends to enjoy your meals. IKEA's brand activation ultimately brought attention to their products and how they stand against the top brands in the world for culinary arts.

Photo Credit: IKEA

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What is RAIN?

RAIN is the “brain-child” of our very own Gary Cornwell and stands for Reporting And Information Network. It was originally designed to be a customer service tool and to keep track of our communication with each passenger. Through the years, it has been upgraded and updated to be GALACTIC’S COMPLETE REPORTING SOLUTION.

Everything “REPORTING” is housed here in our secure database

  • Participant Information
  • Email Correspondence
  • Hotel
  • Activities
  • Flights
  • Reports

It’s completely proprietary and is customizable for each specific program.

We actually “build” the program in RAIN with all the specifics – client & program name, destination, dates, attendee types, hotel and room types, the specific activities, fees, specific information requests, staff, etc.

Once the participants start to register, all the email communication is done in RAIN, so that everyone has access to the information. This is also tracked and color-coded to make sure all participants are contacted in a timely manner.

RAIN's Capability to Improve Productivity

Within RAIN, our staff has immediate access to all the information needed to make sure our participants are taken care and all their needs are met, whether it’s during the registration process or on-site. Real time flight information is also available which our in-house Air Concierge Agents use to ensure our participants are taken care of during travel.

Our clients also have access to a plethora of reporting tools, including flight manifests, hotel rooming lists, activity confirmations, passenger reports including roster with guests and company information, mailing lists, email lists, emergency contact information, passport information, the list goes on! We also have the capability to create custom reports for our clients – almost any information requested can be exported to excel for customized spreadsheets.

Call or email us for more information or to request a proposal for your group.


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