Advantages & Benefits of Merchandise Programs
  • Trophy Value:
    - Bragging rights and ego enhancement
    - Pride of an earned accomplishment
    - A tangible symbol of recognition
  • Easily promoted and launch time is minimal
  • Guilt-Free Rewards – Winners can enjoy their earnings without a trade-off such as paying a bill
  • A lasting reminder of an outstanding performance
  • No time away from work
  • Variety of awards to meet the individual needs and wants of a large audience
  • Creates a goal oriented audience
  • Instant gratification for your work with the receipt of statements reflecting your increased monthly point balance growing, therefore getting you closer to that flat screen television
  • Avoids confusion with compensation therefore giving your company the flexibility to modify, or end the program should you choose to do so
  • Lower unit cost than travel, therefore you can target a larger participant base for the same budget exposure
  • Include sales and non-sales employees in the same program
  • FLEXIBILITY – Merchandise can fit almost any audience and any budget
  • Multi-faceted online catalog operation to enhance smooth redemption experience
  • Daily online catalog updates
  • Order status call center management
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