Destination Management Services
Your ultimate solution to uncovering local hidden treasures with peace of mind!

Galactic will ultimately fit your specifications to available venues, attractions, staffing, and resources to ensure the most successful results for your program.

Our Destination Management Services will provide you with experienced staff who are highly skilled in negotiations, creative planning, and market research. Through our purchasing power, we are able to pass our cost savings along, therefore saving you time and money. Galactic's connections and preferential treatment in this industry is your connection to preferential treatment for your guests to enjoy!

Galactic's strength is making the impossible a reality so you can focus on what matters, your participants.

Our DMC staff works with you to plan, coordinate, and execute your program to perfection. We arrange every detail for you; no project is too big, or too small! Contact us for help with one, or all, of the following services:
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment
  • Audio Visual Elements
  • Production
  • VIP Programs
  • Tours
  • Special Events
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