Marketing & Communication Services
It is imperative for any incentive program to be marketed effectively so that you get the return on your investment. The key to any successful Performance Incentive Program is the use of creative, dynamic, and memorable communications throughout your promotion. After all, it doesn’t matter how glamorous the destination is if your return on investment isn’t achieved and no one wins the trip!
By engaging your audience in the objectives of the program, you are better positioned to achieve the incremental sales growth you are looking for, and thus a truly successful sales incentive. Simply put, your audience must know what is expected of them before they can exceed your expectations!
Regardless of whether you decide to implement a travel or merchandise incentive program, marketing the promotion starts well before you decide on the reward vehicle. Although it is exciting to look at the vast array of merchandise available in the catalog, or discussing which exotic new destination to travel to, it is easy to overlook the most vital components of your incentive program. Things like:
  • The rules structure needs to be written clearly and concisely to tell participants what they need to do to win. It also needs to ensure that it maximizes your return on your investment.
  • How to market the program from the program announcement explaining the rules structure and program overview, to the actual program kick-off, then be followed with teaser mailings, and performance status reviews throughout the duration of the program are all key elements. A program might include three dimensional items, flat mail pieces, e-flashes, online webinars, and so on. All of these items will convey the program theme and be poignant reminders to the audience of what they need to be doing to succeed.
  • Data tracking: Participants always love to know where they stand compared to their peer group. The use of leader boards and e-statements to tell the audience where they stand is a vital marketing message to stimulate the competitiveness between sales people.
A sample of our services include:
  • Program Theme Development
  • Themed Kick-Off Meetings
  • Announcement Brochures
  • Customized Video Communications
  • Teaser Mailings
  • Website Design and Registration
  • Winner Congratulation Notification Packages
  • Automated electronic communications sent at predefined intervals as well as based on transactional triggers
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