Vendor Funded Incentive Programs
The vendor funded incentive program is designed to motivate your suppliers to contribute NEW promotional dollars, which in turn promotes retailer excitement, and increased sales on designated products. The program can be 100% externally funded!
Galactic will provide the following support:
  • Buyer education / training
  • Vendor meeting and/or electronic program announcements
  • Internal sales training / team meetings
  • Ongoing marketing support, program management, and teaser mailings
Here's how it works:
  • Vendors are asked to contribute promotional dollars to fund the program and promotion based on tiered levels of investment
  • The higher the level of investment, the greater the vendors' return on investment
  • Your direct customers participate via a sweepstakes and / or points system
  • The more vendor sponsored products the customer buys, the greater their chances of winning
  • A travel destination is determined based on the anticipated funding generated from the vendors
  • The bottom line... Vendors achieve increased case movement!
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