MPG Rewards
What is MPG Rewards®?
As fuel costs have climbed, Galactic has developed MPG Rewards®, a program designed to help fleets reduce their fuel costs and improve profits by motivating all drivers to adopt the practices of the most fuel-efficient industry standards. The concept behind MPG Rewards® is simple! Motivate all drivers to improve fuel efficiencies by sharing a portion of the savings your company will generate through the program in the form of rewards.
How MPG Rewards® Works?
MPG Rewards® is funded entirely from a portion of incremental fuel savings! The structure of MPG Rewards is simple and concise. The purpose is to motivate YOUR drivers to improve fuel economy by sharing a portion of the savings generated through the program in the form of rewards, by adopting the practices of the industries most fuel-efficient drivers.
What are the Benefits of MPG Rewards®?
America’s trucking companies and fleets are facing difficult times as diesel costs increase, reducing profitability and placing unwavering strains on companies’ resources. Fleets are now doing everything to improve fuel economy from acquiring fuel efficient equipment, training drivers to improve their skills, improving routing, and using MPG Rewards®.
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