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A Fortune 1000 Distributor/Reseller of Enterprize Computer Technology Solutions
Vendor/Customer Incentive Program
250 Participants Great Exuma, Bahamas 2005
(Testament to Travel Account Management skills)

Team Galactic was tasked with shipping all of the room gifts to Great Exuma, Bahamas for a multi-wave Incentive Program and business meetings. The Bahamas presents a number of obstacles to shipping because of the rules and regulations associated with shipping to that island. In addition, we were required to contract with a broker who understands the local process and could ease the pain and numerous delays in getting items through Customs. We requested our client to ship everything to Galactic, so that we might consolidate all of the items from Galactic to the Bahamas in a single shipment, thereby eliminating the need for our client to deal with the messy shipping details. When the client’s shipments began to arrive, we were shocked to discover that all room gifts equated to a total of 235 cartons weighing 6,175 pounds (that's over 3 tons). Our team of travel coordinators took on the task of sorting all of the cartons, taking inventory, creating packing lists, and customizing commercial invoices in order to process all for final shipment to the Bahamas. Due to our lead coordinator’s experience, in combination with seasoned organizational and planning skills, the entire shipment made it safely and we didn't lose a single item that was shipped. Not only did we plan ahead and come up with a system to ensure nothing would be lost, we followed up on every shipment so that we would be notified of receipt on arrival at the hotel.

The items breezed through customs and all room gifts were ready for team Galactic to begin nightly room deliveries from day one.