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Top Performers Sales Incentive Program
220 Participants - Aruba 2007
(Testament to Air Coordination)

With only a month left until the participants departed for Aruba, it was announced that Delta Pilots were threatening to strike during the dates of the program. Because of the financial stress within the airlines industry at this time, such a strike could conceivably put Delta Airlines out of business, not only leaving our client high and dry, but the likelihood that we might recover only 20% of the original cost of the refundable airfares. The client was already maxed to the limit on funds allocated for the budget. This left us with three scenarios:

  1. The former, leaving us with marginal recovery of the ticket purchase price and waiting in line with other creditors
  2. Secure new refundable tickets for the participants previously flying Delta, from the client’s headquarters city on other airlines.
  3. If Delta did strike, and recovered, refundable tickets could be exchanged for use on a second program going to Puerto Rico in the same year.

Galactic’s in-house air team raced to a front line solution. Offering several scenarios that would protect air space for their group on other airlines, along with costs and cut-off dates by which they could still cancel if there was no strike. Our air team was able to give the client minute by minute situational updates, as well as being fully prepared to react. Fortunately, the Pilots did not strike and all original tickets were honored without any additional cost incurred by our client. Galactic was able to provide the client with full assurances, that no matter what, we had their back.