Above and Beyond Stories
A Regional Food Services Distributor Incentive Program
200 Participants - Nassau, Bahamas – Atlantis
(Testament to Air Coordination and Creative Problem Solving)

The Galactic Travel Account Manager was advancing the program two days prior to the scheduled participant arrivals, expecting 30 travelers by scheduled air and 170 by charter jet. She landed in Miami for the connecting flight to Nassau where they were predicting a category 5 hurricane, with winds up to 150 knots to hit Nassau the next day. Due to both the volatility and uncertainty when it comes to hurricanes, she was instructed to proceed on to Nassau in any event. After the plane landed in Nassau, the airport closed. She proceeded on to the Hotel, only to find that 1,000 other guests were stranded there and all including the Galactic account manager, were confined to the hotel for the next 3 days. Obviously, the client’s program was not going to execute in Nassau.

Back at the Galactic campus the travel team and air department rallied to truly pull a rabbit out of the hat. We leveraged our relationships with Miami Air (the charter company) and Fiesta Americana Hotels and were able to re-route the charter, rebook scheduled air and create the originally planned program in Cancun, Mexico. All of the program materials were rewritten to reflect the new venue and activities and carried down with the remaining Galactic Travel staff. The program, a three night/four day program was executed flawlessly and the Travel Account Manager caught up with the program on the second evening. The client and all participants thoroughly enjoyed the Cancun destination and were grateful to have avoided the hurricane. Obviously, amazed that Galactic could pull off a replacement venue in such short turnaround.