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2004 Sales and Performance Incentive Program to Costa del Sol, Spain
(Testament to Creative Problem Solving Skills)

The group’s program scheduled activities was a day trip to Gibraltar. When registering winning participants, Galactic identified one of our participants that held a South African passport. As part of our standard pre-trip procedures, we had advised her to contact her embassy and arrange to secure the type of visa she would need for all aspects of the trip. We did not discover until we were on the program that, unfortunately she had obtained a visa that allowed only one exit per country. As Gibraltar is under British rule, not an independent country, she would not be allowed to enter London on the return trip to pick up her baby left with relatives. She was also planning to travel to France on holiday as and extension following the program. She had scheduled the France flight arrangements on her own, without making Galactic aware of her future travel plans at the time of registration. What she really should have secured from her embassy was a Schengen visa (multiple entry visitor visa). After numerous calls to police stations, consulates and South African embassies in both London and the US, Galactic was unable to resolve the issue of her improper documentation. The travel team strategized and finally determined to resolve the problem by having our Galactic flight rider on the London route home exit the terminal, pick up the baby from her family and escort the baby through security, personally delivering the baby to her mother and on to her and the baby’s flight to France. This enabled this winning participant to return home on the visa she was using. When up against a brick wall, with no other alternatives, Galactic was able to devise a winning game plan to save the day!