Above and Beyond Stories
Income Tax and Insurance Services Division of A Leading Fortune 1000 Insurance and Financial Services Company
Top Producers Travel Incentive Program
Lake Tahoe/Napa Valley 2006
(Testament to Travel Account Management skills)

A few of the Top Producer participants (4) indicated that they had specific dietary requirements: they kept Kosher, but had very specific needs as they kept the highest, strictest level of Kosher. Travel operations team first called the hotels to see what dietary assistance they could provide, but it became apparent very quickly that although they could cater to the level of Kosher required, the food quality would leave much to be desired. We placed a few phone calls to area Rabbis and Organizations for some suggestions but proved that none were acceptable to the Participants. Our options were severely limited, as the two regions in which our groups were staying were truly a bit far removed. After a considerable amount of research, we finally turned to the world’s greatest search engine, the internet, and were able to locate a kosher food caterer and delivery service that looked like it might just be our cup of tea! After the participants had a chance to talk to the caterers, they indicated that they were happy with this option. The participants then gave us a shopping list of the items they wanted for their meals. Team Galactic went on-line, ordered the food, and coordinated with the hotel the specifics of storing, handling and cooking the meals. A lot of pre-planning work went into this, but the end result was wonderful and the participants couldn’t have been happier. Truly, the out of the box value-add brought to you by Team Galactic.