Above and Beyond Stories
An International Heavy Equipment Manufacturer
2005 Dealer Incentive Program to Portugal
(Testament to safety and security training)

A dealer participant’s spouse caught her heel getting off a local bus on their free afternoon and injuring her back during the program. Due to severe pain; she would now not be able to travel on the group’s scheduled departure day. The couple lived in Austin, Texas and through the efforts of our in-house air department; we were able to rebook them on a return flight to Dallas (through London) two days later. The flight was coordinated to coincide with Galactic’s travel account manager’s flight. The travel account manager then scheduled a separate transfer from the hotel to the Lisbon airport. Once at the airport, the account manager scouted out a wheelchair at the airport for the dealer’s wife, and personally assisted at check-in to confirm arrangements for wheelchair assistance in both London and Dallas. Upon arrival in London, the account manager remained with the couple (as a Galactic courtesy) and due to the late arrival of her wheelchair and her difficulty in boarding the transfer cart; they all missed the connection to Dallas. The Galactic account manager assisted in rebooking them on the next flight (4 hour delay) and using her Platinum status, obtained special access for them in the BA Lounge to wait for the flight. Upon boarding, we advised the flight attendant of the woman’s condition and she was then able to move passengers to accommodate space for her comfort and provided her with additional attention during the flight.

Once arriving in Dallas, care was taken to arrange for wheel chair transfer to their connecting flight to Austin. Our Account Manager walked with them to their gate, where they thanked her for her gracious assistance and insisted they could handle it from here to Austin. The personalized touch offered by Galactic’s travel account manager provided the dealer and his wife with that extra level of service and comfort that turned a challenging situation into a “winning level” experience.