Don't rule out winter destinations in the summer


Sometimes when we think of an area we brand it in our own minds as being locked into a very specific theme.  Beach destinations are thought to have nothing more to offer than just lying in the sun, or splashing around in the waves at waist depth.  In reality though, some of the most culturally significant destinations in the world happen to be close to what is thought by many to be just a beach. 

Similarly, winter destinations are just for skiing and drinking hot adult beverages close to a fire in some people’s minds, and therefore they don’t think that direction at all in the summer.  Mistake! 
Some of the most amazing outdoor activities are available at these destinations and guess what; you don’t sweat too much when you are doing them.  Life is all about being outside as much as possible during the summer months at a winter destination.  There is so much to see, so much to do, so much to enjoy, and such beautiful weather to do it all in. 

So when you are thinking about your next program or destination with which to reward your top earners, think Galactic, and let us help you think outside the box to provide an experience that is truly Beyond the Ordinary.


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