Vendor Funded Programs


There are very few times in business where everyone involved truly does win.  Yes, the whole “Win, Win” terminology is tossed around regularly.  However the truth of the matter, someone usually takes the lion’s share of the deal.  A vendor funded program through the traditional U.S. distribution model is one of the few cases that “Win, Win” can be extended to “Win, Win, Win, Win, Win……”

Imagine a program where you are enticing the end user to adjust their buying habits in order to enjoy both the possibility of a fantastic reward, as well as receiving superior products and services, thus providing them a “Win”.

Next let’s move more cases through the distribution chain due the situation listed above…”Win”.

Now let’s increase market share, as well as provide the ability to track spending habits for the manufacturer, by renting the efforts of more sales people than would be fiscally sound to employ full time…”Win”.

The details of a vendor funded program are so simple that it is hard to believe that it works so well. 

Galactic is the industry leader in the design, operation, monitoring, reporting, and promoting of vendor funded programs.

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