Fall is in the air...


Fall is in the air……..and helping hands are everywhere

I’m sitting here with a brace on my arm, typing somewhat one handed.  But I’m as excited as a man with only the full use of one arm can be about the time of year.  I love being outside, and the Texas heat can put limitations on that, but when we have days like today that top out in the low to mid 70’s, I am a VERY happy man.  The thing that is unusual for me this year is having to ask for help with some of the things that I have taken for granted over the years.  Something as simple as opening a bottle of BBQ sauce as we fire up the smoker requires assistance (I tore my right arm bicep tendon loose, and I am right handed).  Assistance, though something I need right now, is NOT something that I like to ask for.  I hate it, actually.  But right now, that is the way it has to be.  My sons are getting a kick out of it.  They are helping.  They are even cooking some things on their own.  At the end of the day, my injury might have been what I needed in order to allow them to spread their wings a little bit more.  My beautiful wife is getting a kick out of harassing me about it, and about not following doctor’s orders.  So it is definitely a fun time for her.   

I was sitting on the back porch with the dogs and it hit me how close this is to some of the things that we “help” with at Galactic.  Many hands make light work, as my grandmother used to say.  The team members here at Galactic are definitely helping to take care of me during my recovery time.  And I can assure you that they can and will do the same for your organization when the time comes that you need a helping hand or hands with your incentive or loyalty platform needs.  I am very proud of the serving hearts that populate this company. 

Let us know how we can help you.  Even if that is just by giving you some advice that might confirm your direction. 


Until then, have a great day and go see the world.



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