Dear Harley


Dear Harley,

I wasn’t home when you died.  I wish I had been.  I am grateful that it was me and not your mother that was gone though, if one of us had to be away.  She wouldn’t have dealt with your loss well while traveling.  You always understood when I had to go away for business.  And I could tell when I would get home that all was forgiven, by the way you would act when I walked back through the door.  It’s been tough without you.  The house has seemed so empty, even with five people doing all we could to mask the silence.  The boys took it a lot worse than I had expected.  Brooke was very upset that she wasn’t there with you at the end, as well.  Even though we know it was the right thing to do, it was one of the hardest decisions to make.  We miss you.  That is why it has taken me so long to write this.  Because I miss you.  It’s hard, even after the months that have passed, to put these simple words down on paper.  Our family has had several friends who have recently experienced the passing of a four legged member of their family as well.  The timing is weird.  It’s hard to let them know that you feel empathy for their loss, but to not bring it up so that their emotions don’t spill over.  But I know how they feel.  We took your ashes to the ranch with us with the intentions of spreading them where we feel was your favorite place on earth.  It was me that couldn’t go through with it.  But I think your mother was more than fine with that decision.  So for now, you are staying at the house and we will figure out when the time is right, what is right for you, and for us.  We are doing our best to move on with just your memories.  We do have another member of the family though.  This is Boomer. 


He’s a cute little fellow.  Pretty smart too.  You would have liked him.  Although I am sure you would have made it clear to him who the top dog in our pack was.  Although he can never replace you, he has brought some smiles back to the family that we needed.  Yesterday, the boys were playing with him and Gavin snuggled up next to me and wrapped his arms around mine and just whispered, “Daddy, I miss Harley”.  Gabriel acted like he didn’t hear him, but he swallowed hard and turned his head away.  So as you can see, my friend, you did your job.  And you will live for as long as we do.  Thank you for being a part of our family for as long as you could.  And thank you for loving us as much as we love you.  I will miss you always.  Say hello to Buck for me.  I will see you guys again someday.  But until then, enjoy chasing squirrels and swimming until your heart’s content.  And help us keep an eye on your little brother.  I’m sure he could use an extra eye or two on him. 

I love you, buddy.  Thank you.

Harley Rooster Davidson Cornwell


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