My Name is Not Gilbert


“My name is not Gilbert”


I recently received some correspondence trying to get me to buy this or subscribe to that which actually caught my eye.  Most of the time, spam like this just gets trashed, or I might not even ever see it.  But this piece caught my eye because it appeared typed directly to me rather than being a form letter. 


The problem was, as this person referred to me multiple times throughout the email, they had my name listed as Gilbert.  My email address was correct, and indeed shows me to be Gary, but for everything else, I was Gilbert.  So I started to wonder what this Gilbert was like.  Is he a nice guy?  Is the helpful?  Does Gilbert enjoy any of the things that I enjoy?  I worked up this whole other person in my head.  And then I started feeling bad for Gilbert because the person in who created the email didn’t know Gilbert any better than I do. 


I must not have felt too bad for Gilbert for too long, because I hit delete and was ready to move on.  Then it hit me as to why I was so interested in the email.  There was an attempt at a human connection that miserably failed by the author of the email.  There is so much of the human experience missing in our world today.  And that is a sad thing.  One of the things that Galactic tries really hard to do, is focus on the human side of things.  We want the participants in a solution or platform we are providing for our client partners to feel welcome, inspired, and motivated.  But we also want them to “feel the love," so to speak.  I’m stealing that phrase from a friend who gave a speech the other day, but the sentiment is so valid to what we try to produce. 


At the end of the day, it is about a spark; about a connection that is real.  If your business is missing that, or if you have a need to reinvigorate your team, allow us the opportunity to show you how you can instill that “feel the love" feeling.  You will be amazed at the results that we can provide together.  So until then, this is Gilbert signing out.


Have a great day, and go see the world.




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