Never Stop Learning


Well, as I sit here writing this blog I am about 11 feet away from the Hooters calendar girls, who are signing and selling copies of this year’s calendar.  I’m at a truck show displaying our MPG Rewards product. When we picked our booth, I agreed that it would be a good idea to be close to the Hooters girls so that we could benefit from the added traffic they would bring. 

We have a great product that saves companies a TON of money.  But guess what truck drivers and transportation industry executives like more than money.  You guessed it……girls in Hooters uniforms.  I have heard from people on an average of 40 times a day that they will buy the rights to this booth from us for next year.  Well, I am selling it to the highest bidder.  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s still been a great show and we do have a ton of leads; I mean who wouldn’t want to run a program that costs you nothing and could move tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to their bottom line? 

But, we have to find these leads AWAY from our booth.  Kind of weird and definitely a learning experience. I like pretty women as well as the next guy, but I already told our new friends at Hooters that we will not be next to them next year.  They can walk down to say hello to us from 5 booths down.  I think that is the right distance to benefit from their presence but not suffer from it. 

So I learned from the experience and I would love to show you MPG Rewards so you can learn a new way to make your company more profitable.


Have a great day, and go see the world.



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