The technical mind of a three year old…


I was sitting on the stairs at my home this morning with my youngest son who just turned three last month.  We were killing time waiting for my mother to come and pick him up to take him to his pre-school.  I was taking short video’s on my phone of him singing ABC’s and “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”.  Of course, with Gavin being Gavin, he wanted to see the video immediately after I got finished with each one.  Well, I joined the evil empire about two years ago and got an iPhone, so that is what I was using to make the videos.  As he sat next to me, I was amazed at how well he used the phone.  I knew he could use one and he can use an iPad as well, but the level of detail that he knew and could accomplish was quite impressive.  He knew how to load the video, he knew how to start the video, and he knew to tap the screen to make the controls for the video disappear.  It was actually pretty cool to watch.  I’ve been involved in IT for a very long time.  I wrote my first “program” when I was 8 years old as part of a pilot program at my school to see if children were capable of interacting and embracing computers back when the top of the line was a TRS-80.  THAT was a long time ago; especially when you are talking technical years.  I also remember, when the home PC first really started to become widespread and I would try to teach family members that were older than me how to use a mouse, that it was a terribly difficult concept for many of them.  So to see my son adapt to something that he was never “taught” to do, but that he observed and absorbed was eye opening.  Technical advances grow exponentially on a daily basis.  And it is an entertaining, and educational thing to watch.

At Galactic, we pride ourselves on our technology.  Our ability to develop, track, and deliver practical business information and logic to our clients is something with which I feel we are extremely gifted.  I would stack our IT team up against anyone and feel confident that we would come out ahead.  Actually, a lot of times it is difficult for me to interact with a tech team of different vendors because I compare them to our team and inevitably, the other team comes up wanting. 

Thank you for allowing me to brag for a minute or two.  But watching Gavin this morning made me realize that as good as we are, we better stay ahead of the game or children like mine will surely show us were we need to step it up. 

Please have a great day, and go see the world.


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