I'm Spoiled


I didn’t realize it until recently, but I am spoiled.  I flew on a short hop not too long ago on a Southwest Airlines flight, which is a GREAT airline by the way.  But they are not the airline I typically fly.  I am an American Airlines guy, for many reasons.  The biggest of which is that DFW is a major hub for American so the flights are plentiful and the schedules are usually pretty good.  I live 15 minutes from the airport so it is easy to get in and out when I need to, as well.  The majority of my travel is on American for those reasons, but another, the MOST important reason I tend to stay on AA, is because of their frequent flyer program, AAdvantage.  Because of the program and my loyalty to them, I have accumulated status and enjoy all the perks that go along with it.  I board the plane first.  I have my choice of seats usually with no extra charge.  My bags are free.  I have a greater chance of receiving upgrades to first class if I decide to attempt that, which I usually don’t.  I said I was spoiled.  I didn’t say I was rotten. 

Anyway, when I was on Southwest and then on Continental, who both by the way have great frequent flyer programs themselves, I was a fish out of water.  I had no status.  I had to pay for my bags to be on the flight.  I had to get on last.  And in the case of Southwest, because I was among the last to get on, I had to ask permission to sit in a middle seat on the back of the plane.  I am actually laughing at myself right now for even typing that last sentence, but it is true and was somewhat traumatic.   

There is a lot to be said for loyalty programs in general.  I preach this concept constantly, but it really hits home hard when you come face to face with it and see that the concept really does work.  I don’t travel as much as many of our employees at Galactic, but I typically travel more than the general public.  I’m in Grand Cayman right now (spoiled) and when I leave here, instead of going home, I go straight to Louisville, Kentucky, but I am not stressing because I am on my carrier of choice the whole way and will get to board the plane first!  Viva la loyalty programs!!!  It's easy to see how the American Airlines loyalty program has influenced my decision about which airline I fly.  If at all possible, I will book on AA before another airline simply because I want those miles. 

These types of progams aren't just for the major airlines, though.  You can find them at bookstores, grocery stores, coffee shops, gas stations, the list goes on.  We have created customized loyalty programs for many of our clients.  Contact us if you would like Galactic to help set up a loyalty program for you and your customer base.  As you can see, we truly understand their value.


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