Mexico - A Whale of Good Time


I’m sitting on a balcony at the Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar Resort in Los Cabos Mexico as I type this.  It’s a beautiful morning.  The whales are EVERYWHERE!!!  I am on vacation this week with my wife and two dear friends, and we are having a wonderful time.  For a long time now, Mexico has been one of my favorite destinations, but I seem to have turned my back on it due to some of the issues in the press over the last couple of years.  We used to come here once a year, but haven’t been back, other than an incentive program, since 2007.  Well, I shouldn’t have waited so long.  We have had a great experience ever since we arrived. 

The reason for the trip is an early birthday getaway for my wife.  She is having a "milestone" birthday this year.  For the sake of this blog, we will say she is turning 29.  For this "milestone" birthday she wanted to come and see the whales so we decided to come about a month earlier to experience peak whale season in Mexico.  We made a good decision.  I bet we have seen 100 or more whales in 3 days.  You don’t even have to go out in a boat.  Sit on the shore, or look out the window of your room and you will get quite a show. 

The picture of the whale tail below was taken by on of our friends with us, Harry Gonzalez.  It is unedited and was taken on a regular digital camera.  Talk about being in the right place at the right time.  It is an amazing shot. 

I don’t want to ignore the criminal issues going on here in Mexico right now, but there are still places that are relatively untouched.  Cabo is definitely one of those places.  Because of where Cabo is located, it is almost like an island even though it is on a peninsula.  There is one way in, and one way out.  So it is virtually untouched by the violence associated with Mexico. 

The prices are favorable here now and you get a great value for your money.  And IF mid February to mid March works for your travel incentive program, the whales are an added value that can be throw in for free.  If the timing doesn’t work for a program you have.  Just come here for a long weekend and enjoy the hospitality the whales offer.

Have a great day, and go see the world.   


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