Smoke and Mirrors


Going forward, you're going to see a change in the way my blogs are written.  I am going to try to make things a little more personal and write about things that are randomly on my mind. For example, today what's on my mind is smoke and mirrors.  In the world of incentives and performance solutions there are a lot of ways to be misleading. That didn’t use to be the case.  Sometimes I lament about today's environment and the fact that we can't do business the way things were done in the “old days,” as they say; where everyone was honest, and you could trust what you were being told. Lately, it seems we've spent a lot of our time pointing out the differences in what people are saying, what is reality, and what the truth of the matter is.  Things shouldn't be that way.  I would like to think that at Galactic, we view our relationship with every one of our clients as a true partnership.  That partnership is not about being a onetime, trick pony.  It's not about lying, misleading, or evading.  It’s about the true meaning of the word partnership; working together in cooperation to achieve the same goal.  Or as I see it, a partnership of equal profits.  So I am putting it in writing for everyone to see.  When we give you a price and we quote inclusions, you can rest assured that is exactly what you're getting from a reputable, 20 year old company; a partnership and a responsibility to help you grow your business.


Have a great day, and go see the world!


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