Things are looking up....


Truck tonnage is up, and that has been a long time coming.  Expansion Solutions Magazine reports in its March\April issue that the 6.6% rise is the first increase in 15 months.  That is great news for our economy as a whole.  Since everything that we have, wear, use, or need, comes on a truck at one pointMPG Rewards or another, it isn’t hard to understand that more trucks moving more stuff means more of us are buying things again.  The down side to the increase in the tonnage is that the products being moved are the only things that are increasing.  Fuel costs continue to increase as well.  The last two weeks alone we have seen a 12 cent jump in fuel locally with an average in the country being at 4 cents.  The forecasts for the future are showing no real relief anytime soon, and we could be heading for a substantial increase over the next few years.  As costs climb, many companies will need to take measures to offset the devastating hit to their bottom line profits.  Fortunately, there is a solution.  We can’t relieve all of the pressure that the increase costs will cause but we can show you how to decrease your fuel consumption by increasing your MPG, as well as improving your employee loyalty and moral.  And all of this costs you nothing.  Contact a Galactic Solutions provider today, and let us show you how. 


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