Time for a new suitcase...


Penned by Scott K

Looking for the perfect suitcase can be as challenging as purchasing a car.  So many choices to make to be sure that it’s the perfect fit for you.   What size, what color, what brand, and the list goes on…


The first challenge for me is always what size of suitcase I need.  In the past, I have purchased the entire set…carry-on, medium, and jumbo.  The challenge with this is that they do not all seem to wear out at the same time thus leaving me with a mis-matched set of luggage.


My next challenge of course is to find a brand that uses light weight materials.  With airline restrictions on the weight of your bags this is a huge factor in how many clothes you will actually get to pack in the suitcase.  On average a jumbo sized suitcase must weigh at least 20 pound on its own.  Once you add a few pairs of jeans and shoes, next thing you know you’re paying the airlines $50.


Determining which color to purchase is always a game in of it’s self.  You try to pick a color that will stand out among others….hence why my current set of luggage is orange.  If you have a basic black suitcase you find yourself looking at every piece of luggage that comes off of the carousel.  I guess you could always tie a large bow on your handle as I see so many people doing in an effort to trademark their black suitcases.


What brand of suitcase to purchase may solve be the answer that I’ve been looking for.  In my research I discovered that some luggage companies offer warranties and guarantees that would prevent me from ending up with a mis-matched set of luggage.  Imagine spending a lifetime with the same set of luggage.


I guess as I begin my search for my next perfect suitcase the only thing that I know for certain; it must have wheels!  I’m still in disbelief every time I see some poor soul running through an airport with a baby blue hard case suitcase right out of 1978.


Safe Travels!


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