The advantages of having an internal Air department - Flight Monitoring


At Galactic, we pride ourselves on providing service that is beyond compare.  One way in which we do that is by managing all aspects of air travel within our company.  Nothing to do with air travel is ever outsourced at Galactic.  Let me share a story with you that shows why this is so valuable.

Galactic was fulfilling two separate client programs in Puerto Vallarta, which resulted in having two Galactic travel account managers at the same hotel operating incentive programs simultaneously.  Due to a horrific storm front in the states, group flights were cancelled and another delayed out of Little Rock, Arkansas, not allowing enough connect time between flights out of Houston to make the originally scheduled group flight.  Fortunately, we had a scheduled Galactic flight rider with the group.  Our air department came to the rescue with extreme efforts and seasoned negotiating skills between both Continental and American Airlines.  Almost the entire group had to be rebooked and we were able to rebook them on both Southwest and the new American flight in less than two hours.  The Little Rock group was flown by Southwest to Dallas Love Field, where they were met personally by team Galactic, and taken by motor coach to the DFW airport for a 7:00 PM flight to PV.  On the bus, they were given box lunches and a $30 cash allowance per person for dinner.  The Galactic flight rider was able to reassure every participant that all would be well, and soon they would arrive in PV.  They were fortunate enough to be flying out of the new terminal ā€œDā€ and could experience the availability of several new restaurants. The participants would be arriving in Puerto Vallarta very late in the evening, which changed the schedule of all opening night events.   They were rescheduled to the next evening.

As their program manager and our air team were dealing with the flight changes, the hotel and ground operator, the second account manager was assisting with updating and rewriting the copy of the daily newsletters and reprinting all necessary materials in the welcome packets, to reflect the changes in program venues due to the delays.  It definitely was an advantage to have two account managers on site as the same time.  The updated packet information was most unexpected and very much appreciated by the client.  A combination of fate and seasoned experience saved the day!

It is so great to have a team that is capable of taking care of our clients so well.

The biggest part of an iceberg, and the part you have to worry about lies where you can't see it.

Galactic can maneuver through all the things that can sink your program and you will sleep like a baby as we do.



This blog entry penned by M. Gongre


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